Rep. Pompeo on Secret Iran Side Deals: ‘Alarming ... Go to Very Core of Our Ability to Verify’

‘This isn’t about politics; this is about keeping Americans safe’


MITCHELL: “Kansas Republican Congressman Mike Pompeo serves on the house committee and joins me now. I know you've been an active partner with Tom Cotton. One of those the president was implicitly going to Vienna talking to the national atomic energy officials. Have some of the Republican criticism been over the top as the president is charging?”

POMPEO: “Andrea, this isn't about politics. When the Ayatollah chants death to America he doesn't say death to Republican or death to Democrats. What Senator Cotton and I learned about these two secret ideals is deeply alarming. The administration says nothing to see here. But these secret deals which no member of Congress and so far as I know no member of the American government has seen go to the very core of our ability to verify what took place at important sites inside of Iran including this. This isn't about politics. This is about keeping Americans safe. My focus is to make sure we getting access to the entire document which we're entitled to do under the law. And to ensure that the American people get a chance to see what it is our president has actually agreed to.”

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