Greg Gutfeld Says Idea of Systemic Racism Is ‘Anti-American Propaganda’: We’re ‘On a Path to Destruction’

‘We are doing it to ourselves, it’s the opposite of unification’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld railed against people like President Joe Biden talking about systemic racism in the United States, saying it’s “anti-American propaganda.”

Gutfeld said what’s dividing the country is “the media narrative” and added, “You keep hearing about systemic racism from Joe Biden, who’s been an integral part of this system for 50 years. If he believes in systemic racism, as he said last night, is a stain on America, he was there leaving the stain for five decades.”

He told his co-hosts “we’re actually creating our own anti-American propaganda”:

“This systemic racist narrative is so destructive that it’s actually identical to what China says about us, as recently as in Anchorage, Alaska. What we’re doing, we are doing our enemies’ work! We are on a path to destruction that is of our own doing. We are doing it to ourselves and it is the opposite of unification. It is destruction.”

“The way the media and the Democrats have reacted is proof that even if the justice system worked, that can’t be proof at all because if you say that, it undermines the narrative that we are an irreversibly racist country.”

As Jesse Watters wrapped the segment, Gutfeld joked about being “on my meds,” a reference to Fox contributor Ted Williams calling him out for his reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict.

(h/t Mediaite)

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