Gov. Abbott: The W.H. ‘Has Nobody in Charge of Operations at the U.S. Border with Mexico’

‘All they have done is created a complete open border’


ABBOTT: "You are raising to a key point that Americans need to understand. And that is, the White House has nobody in charge of operations at the United States border with Mexico. 1,200 miles of which includes the state of Texas. Not the President, not the Vice President, not anybody else has been on the ground taking charge of maintaining these operations. All they have done is created a complete open border where you have not only young unaccompanied minors, you have family units, and you have men, and as you pointed out earlier, you have terrorists who are coming across the border, as well as these cartels. Let me make a real quick point about the young children. No young child makes it across the border without the assistance of these drug cartels. The kids have wrist bands on that are color-coded based upon which gang helped smuggle them into the border, knowing which gang was going to get credit and monetary remuneration for getting that child across the border. This is a very treacherous situation that the Biden administration is allowing to happen by their failure to step up and do anything about it."

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