Kerry: If Congress Rejects Iran Deal, ‘We’re Going To Head to Conflict’

Congress voting no would also impair the United States’ broader diplomatic ability abroad, Kerry said

KERRY: "Folks, everybody is missing this. This is not a question of what happens in 15 years or 20 years. This is a question of what happens now, tomorrow, if we don't accept this deal. ... And what happens is: If the United States Congress unilaterally walks away from this arrangement that we have reached, we go right back to square one where we were with no alternative: Iran is enriching. We have no inspections. We have no ability to know what they're doing, we don't roll back their program. We're right back where we were, and we're going to head to conflict." 
HAAS: "If you don't get the congressional vote, is it going to affect on your ability to act outside of the Middle East?"
KERRY: "Oh, absolutely. Of course it does. I mean it's a repudiation of President Obama's initiative and a statement that when the executive department negotiates, it doesn't mean anything anymore, because we have 535 secretaries of State."

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