O’Donnell: Boston’s Mayoral Campaign Without Any White Male Is a ‘New Boston,’ Exciting To Watch

‘The one thing they don’t have in the current lineup... ‘


MADDOW: "The fact that Boston has never, ever, ever had anyone other than a white male mayor, that they have had Irish-American or Italian-American mayors for 91 straight years, and now they've got Kim Janey and she's running in field for a full term that is also full of lots of other people of color, I mean it's such a fascinating turning point, such a fascinating touchstone for Boston. And she’s obviously got the power of incumbency on her side now because she's acting mayor right now. That’s going to be an amazing thing to see."
O'DONNELL: "And, Rachel, the one thing they don’t have in the current lineup of major candidates is a white male candidate for mayor of Boston. So, it is a new Boston and it is exciting to watch."

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