Gutfeld: Biden Is to Healing What a Surgeon’s Dirty Scalpel Is To a Patient

‘I hate the media for wanting us to hate each other’


GUTFELD: "So what happened? Nothing. Because he lied. Remember, this is the same guy who used the 'fine people' hoax to win an election. He also pushed the drinking bleach lie to brand Trump and his supporters as deadly Neanderthals. You know, those crazy cavemen who want to earn a living and drive around Bedrock without a vaccine passport. So what did our healer say yesterday?"

[clip starts]

BIDEN: "The best way to deal with this is for Georgia and other states to smarten up. Stop it. Stop it. It's about getting people to vote."

[clip ends]

GUTFELD: "Was that healing? And referring to voter I.D. laws as Jim Crow? Is he aware that over 70% of blacks favor photo IDs for voting? Biden is to healing what a surgeon's dirty scalpel is to a patient, which is the point. Unification is not the goal. Conflict is. And once you see this framework, it shows up everywhere.”

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