Chris Cuomo to Tucker’s ‘Hate TV’: How About Perspective on Protesters with Zip Ties Clad in Armor?

‘It’s just another layer on the big lie’


CUOMO: "Okay, here it is. How about perspective on the suspect with zip ties, clad in armor, arrested along with his equally loving mom, also charged? Just a mob of older people from unfashionable zip codes protesting mass fraud. The fraud is this farce. It’s just another layer on the big lie. They know 100 officers that they always hold in reverence, except when it goes against their political cause. Now they don’t mention them. 100 officers injured, maimed, one died. What about perspective on them? The same attackers on January 6th — let’s switch a couple of facts, let's make them almost all brown people now, let's make them almost all of them Muslims now. What do you think homeboy would be doing then? He would probably be doing the show from his Maine estate, in hiding.”

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