Hannity Lists Things that Require a Photo ID: Are Those Also Jim Crow 2.0?

‘Do you feel the unity yet?’


HANNITY: “Joe, your state laws, Delaware, far more restrictive. Do you feel the unity yet? Voter I.D. Is practical. It is necessary. It is a step to ensure that not only Georgians, residents of any state for that matter have confidence in their election results. Now, we have election integrity. That is a simple concept. By the way, do you know where else you need to show an I.D., Joe? If any American, you get an opportunity, you want to enter Joe’s bright house, you need to show a picture I.D. To get in or else you are not getting it. Want to go to the capital, visit the people’s house or visit your congressman or woman? You need an I.D. Go to the democratic national convention, you need a picture I.D., get on an airplane, buy a house, buy alcohol, six-pack, cigarettes.“

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