Tucker: Only Ashli Babbitt’s Death Is Ruled as Homicide on January 6th But It Doesn’t Matter Anymore to MSM

‘Two other individuals died of heart attacks’


CARLSON: “Yeah, the insurrectionist’s killed 5 people. Except they didn’t appear that was a total lie. They knew it was a lie. There was never any evidence it was true. But everyone swallowed it. Today, Washington, D.C.,’s chief medical examiner, Dr. Francis Cody as, released the manner of death of the 5 people who were murdered at the capital on January 6th. Here’s what he found. Only one person actually was a homicidal victim. He was a protester. Two other individuals died of heart attacks. A fourth person died of a drug overdose, amphetamine. No cause of death was provided for the death of officer Brian Sigman. H the one of the people who has followed this the most closely. She joins us tonight to assess what we just learned. Julie, thanks so much for coming on. What have we learned here?”

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