Jen Psaki Can’t Name Any ‘Numerical,’ ‘Tangible’ Goal or Measure the Administration Has in Dealing with Border Crisis

‘I think that we know that addressing the root causes means working with these countries’


REPORTER: "Will you have a numerical measure, any kind of tangible measure of success, benchmarks, that sort of thing?"

PSAKI: "Well, I think, as everybody who’s followed this for some time knows, this is about addressing these causes over the long term. Unless we address root causes in these countries, we’re going to see the same cycle of rushes to the border year after year, as we have seen in 2014 and 2018 and 2019. So we’re going to look to how we can work with these countries through diplomatic means. The President has also proposed $4 billion in assistance and aid through his immigration package, and of course the Vice President and our diplomats will be engaged with these countries to determine how we can best help to prevent these rushes at the border in the future."

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