Fmr. FCC Chairman: Where Did $100 Billion Broadband Spending Come from?

‘And what will it be spent on?’


PAI: “As you know, Larry, during our time in office, what we tried to do is close that digital divide, make sure that as many Americans as possible were able to benefit from these technologies, and that private sector companies have the maximum incentive to innovate and invest. But we recognize that there are parts of the country where private capital won't be sufficient, typically rural areas and lower-income areas. I do think that there is a role for the federal government to play here, but the concerns I have with the current plan are, number one, where did the $100 billion figure come from? And what will it be spent on? For example, there have been estimates that there about 5 to 10 million Americans who don’t have broadband now. They could be covered with less than $100 billion, so where that additional money be spent? It's going to be spent overbuilding with public funds private companies' infrastructure? That could be a problem.” 

(via Fox Business)

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