Biden: We Are Going to Build 500,000 Charging Stations to Accommodate Electric Vehicles, So We Can Own the Future

‘Nearly 90% of the infrastructure jobs created by can be filled by people who don’t have a college de’


BIDEN: “Line workers and electricians laying transmission lines for a modern grid. [inaudible] over 500,000 charging stations on the highways we are going to build to accommodate electric vehicles, so we can own the future. Construction workers and engineers building modern hospitals and homes for American families. Healthcare workers, steel workers, folks who work in the cutting-edge labs. Nearly 90% of the infrastructure jobs created by our American jobs plan can be filled by people who don’t have a college degree. 75% don’t need an associate’s degree. As I said last week, this is a blue-collar blueprint for increasing opportunity for the American people. It also includes the biggest investment in non-defense research development on record."

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