Todd: If I’m Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, I’d Be Saying ‘Oh No’ to Recent Poll Numbers

‘The Clinton campaign very quietly is pushing back saying, well, maybe this was a bad democratic sample’

MITCHELL: “And speaking of Hillary Clinton, I mean, it's one poll, it's a Quinnipiac poll, we're in the field and you're going is have fresh polls on Sunday.”
TODD: “(indecipherable) have fresh polls Sunday morning in the early states.”
MITCHELL: “But it does show her behind in the swing states with Virginia, I guess, as within the margin of error.”
TODD: “Look, I would just say this with these Quinnipiac poll numbers.”
MITCHELL: “It’s pretty early.
TODD: “No, it's like her standing in national polls looks fairly strong. These swing states, Virginia, usually goes where the national polls are so. Something is amiss here. Either the state polls are an outlier or the state polls have found something first before the national polls which is also possible. All I would say is, this is one of those things, If I’m the Clinton campaign, I look at these numbers, I’m like, ‘Oh no.’ And I’m going in the field myself to see, is it an outlier or are they onto something? I think that’s how all of us should take in these polls. When you see one that doesn't look like everything else, you suddenly got to sit there and say, okay, let's see if there's another poll cover. Look, by the way, it wasn’t just Hillary that was poor in these polls. It was Democrats across the board. The Clinton campaign very quietly is pushing back saying, well maybe this was a bad Democratic sample. We’ll see. Let’s see other polls to find out.”
MITCHELL: “Could be that the attention is all on the Republican race.”
I think there's a lot to that. It could be -- maybe the Iran deal is not playing well. I mean, there's a lot of ifs here that could be influencing it or one out of every 20 polls, no matter how well they're connected sometimes just get bad numbers.”
MITCHELL: “When you're at all worried about how things are playing in the field and you're in South Carolina today, maybe you fall back on your base. Take a look at what she had to say today.”
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CLINTON: “Clearly I’m not asking people to vote for me simply because I’m a woman. I’m asking people to vote for me on the merits. And I think one of the merits is I am a woman and I can bring those views and perspectives to the White House.” (Applause)
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MITCHELL: “That is actually one of her, you know, most obvious attributes.”
TODD: “It is. I think it's a way in. Particularly with progressives who sit there and say, gee, she's not that progressive or there's too much Bill Clinton in her. Remember, Bill Clinton triangulating and they wish that she were more liberal. But at the same time progressive (indecipherable), wait a minute, is it about time to have a woman in the White House and does that Trump -- that to me is what it sounded like. It’s like, are you thinking about going with Bernie Sanders? Is he exciting you more than I’m exciting you? I get that. But think about this, I do bring something else here to the table and that will matter in ways that you don't quite -- we don't even quite know yet. I get what she's trying to do. Because that's the other thing here. These polls came right at a time when you look at her, small donor base seemed kind of mediocre. The crowds are -- Bernie Sanders is the one drawing crowds, she’s not the one drawing crowds. You have an anecdote here, you have an anecdote there. It’s fitting a pattern where Hillary Clinton doesn’t wear well over time when she’s been a candidate or been at the focal point. Maybe they're outliers but, wait a minute, we have a data point here that hasn’t been great, a data point here that hasn’t been great, and now suddenly this adds to it. Is there something else? Look, everybody has watched this campaign and we all come to the same conclusion. There’s something just not quite right. Is it enthusiasm? I don’t know. Is it her? I don’t know. There’s just something that doesn’t seem to be big, bold and boom.”


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