Scarborough: Should We Expect MLB Commissioner To Be Giving Up His Membership at Augusta National?

‘Certainly it’s not a state that you would want to fly down to and spend your money’

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SCARBOROUGH: “Michael Steele, far be it from me to say positive things about little stunts that Marco Rubio pulls. I think he embarrasses himself a lot. In this case, he’s got the MLB commissioner dead to center. And he’s got him that way because he said, 'Oh, oh, you can’t play an All-Star game in Atlanta, Georgia because, well, that would be helping the state of Georgia and you think they’re doing horrible things? So you want to get events out of Georgia? Okay. Aren’t you a member of Augusta National?' He actually has a pretty good point. If Georgia’s not a good enough state to do business in, then certainly it’s not a state that you would want to fly down to and spend your money and be a member of Augusta National. So, should we expect that the commissioner of Major League Baseball is going to be giving up his membership at Augusta National?”

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