Daily Beast’s Suebsaeng: Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Case Has Morphed into a ‘Weird Trumpy Iran Contra Scandal’

‘Whatever Matt Gaetz is pushing is an attempt to push this away’


SUEBSAENG: "Well, something that broke earlier today makes the story even wilder. We now found out that Matt Gaetz is apparently in possession of text messages or documentation that show what he and his family have characterized as this massive extortion scheme. It has to do with getting $25 million to try to get an American with the last name of Levinson out of an Iranian prison. So in a very short period of time, this has morphed into — at least the way it's coming out of the Gaetz camp — into one of the weirder, Trumpier interpretations of the Iran Contra scandal that I have ever heard of in my time on this planet. But back to what you mentioned earlier about McGee, when we reached out to him yesterday, he did tell us in a brief interview that this is categorically false and whatever Matt Gaetz is pushing is an attempt to shift focus away from this federal investigation that involves him as perhaps not a target, but a matter of investigation. After these documents and text messages came out, first course revealed today in 'The Washington Examiner,' we haven’t been able to get McGee on the phone yet. So, there seems to be a lot of layers of this story still to peel back.”

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