NYT’s Benner: Gaetz Talking About Extortion Plot Deflects How It Was a Trump Admin DoJ That Opened the Probe

‘He is destroying and blowing up an FBI investigation which is something you would think would be against his own interests’

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BENNER: "That person is not involved in the investigation. That person is currently in private practice and does not work at the Justice Department. But again, keep in mind that this is an investigation that, when you look at the timeline, was very serious and it was something that's taken seriously by Trump Administration officials in the Justice Department. So I think that one of the reasons why he has talked publicly about this extortion plot, one of the reasons that he publicly said that the FBI asked his own father to wear a wire is in order to try to get people to not pay attention to the fact that it was, in fact, the Trump Administration who felt it was worthy to investigate him. In publicly talking about this investigation — sorry, in publicly talking about the extortion plot that he has described and publicly saying his father wore a wire, he is basically destroying and blowing up an FBI investigation, which is in itself something you would think would be against his own interests. You would think that he would be wanting to work with the FBI and you would think he would want to keep this quiet. So, you have to put this all into context and say that in doing this and basically blowing up an FBI investigation into people trying to extort his family, you know, he has both complicated that investigation and also cast aspersions on something that was serious enough that Attorney General Barr approved it."

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