Rep. McCarthy: Republicans Have Offered Plenty of ObamaCare Alternatives

‘We’ve got to start with a patient-driven health care system; not a government one’

MCCARTHY: “I believe this is all coming in three waves. The first wave was the website itself. It’s still not fixed, so can't get on there. The second wave was you found the trust of the White House wasn't true, that if you have your health care you can keep it. Well we found out that was a lie and they knew about it when they were moving forward. Then the third one is going to be cost, the tripling of your premiums -- I mean of your deductibles. And more importantly, a lot of people are going to find out their doctors are not in it and some will find out their hospitals are not in the network. This will be the third strongest wave going forward after January, and I think the president is going to have to look at his legislation just won't work, and he's got to stop being stubborn and put the American people first and say, if we really want to have health care in America that lowers premiums, we have to start with a patient-driven health care system, not a government.”

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