Psaki Refuses to Call on Teachers Unions Blocking Reopening to Follow CDC Guidance

‘We actually don’t see an issue coming up with with schools not reopening, they are reopening’


WELKER: "The president talked about the importance of kids going back to the classrooms. In many schools all across the country they are not going back to the classroom and they are not able to do this so because the teachers unions say that they want their teachers to be vaccinated first, even if the CDC says that's not required. How are you going to deal with that? Are there discussions about saying to the teachers union you have to go back to the classroom?"
PSAKI: "Well, first -- actually 76 percent of schools do have teaching, do have kids in the classroom for part of the week and about 46 percent are back five days a week. And we expect that to continue to increase over time."

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