Cruz: Iran Deal Likely to Force Next President to Take ‘Direct Military Action’

‘I believe any responsible commander in chief should be prepared to do whatever is necessary to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons’

Cruz: Iran Deal Likely To Force Next President To Take “Direct Military Action” (BuzzFeed)

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said on Saturday that the deal to restrict Iran’s nuclear program and lift economic sanctions on the country would likely force the next president to take “direct military action” to prevent a nuclear catastrophe that “could cost the lives of tens of millions of Americans.”

The Texas senator said in an interview with the Trail Talk podcast over the weekend that it was “very likely that a new president” would be told, in January 2017, that Iran was “on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons.” Cruz said the deal rendered economic sanctions “no longer an effective tool,” and therefore the new president would be presented with two choices: “acquiesce” or attack.

He said that the “unacceptably high” odds of Iran using a nuclear weapon if it acquired one made it so that President Obama had essentially forced his successor into taking the military option.

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