Meghan McCain on Trump: One of the Grossest, Most Disgusting Comments Ever

‘Trump’s remarks is an attack on all veterans and POWs’

Meghan McCain Rips Trump: One of the Grossest, Most Disgusting Comments I’ve Ever Heard (Mediaite)

Meghan McCain really let Donald Trump have it tonight for jabbing at her father’s military service. Trump dismissed McCain’s status as a war hero and said he “like[s] people who weren’t captured.”

In her debut as a Fox News contributor, McCain’s daughter told Megyn Kelly tonight that was “one of the grossest, most disgusting comments I’ve ever heard.”

She called it an attack on all veterans and POWs and said Trump’s just an “extremely disconnected” rich person who’s taking away from all the serious conversations people should be having about the country.

McCain even brought up how her brother recently came home from Afghanistan to hear his father being trashed by someone who got multiple deferments.

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