Kennedy on Allegation of Digital Image of Biden Talking to the Press: We Now Can Agree That Joe Biden ‘Is Not All There’

‘He enters in front of the microphone to the gray fuzzy when suddenly appears behind his arm’


KENNEDY: “Our first clue that the video might be fake, we all know the real Joe Biden would never talk to a reporter. Keep your eye on the bottom left of the screen. While Hoe enters in front of the microphone, the gray fuzzy one suddenly appears behind his arm. Some viewers say this is proof Joe is a hologram while others guess he was digitally added using green screen technology. Either way, we can all agree that Joe Biden is not all there. The White House says the speculation is totally absurd, and the only thing fake about Joe Biden are his hair, his teeth, his personality, his campaign promises, his working-class background, the speeches he plagiarized, his Corn Pop story, his war story, his Civil Rights March story, his friendship with Barack, his press secretary, his appeal for unity, and his wife's doctor title. Then again, they also say there’s no crisis at the border, nothing to see here.” 

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