Dr. Fauci: Rand Paul Peddles in ‘Kernels of Truth’ and People Who Listen To Him Are at Risk of Getting Reinfected

‘He completely does not take into account the variants’


FAUCI: “You know, Chris, I don’t know what he believes, to be honest with you. I’ve been dealing — this is not the first time we’ve clashed at a Senate hearing. You know, there is always — as is always the case, a kernel of truth in what he says about that there is protection to some extent after you get infected, there’s no doubt about that. He completely does not take into account the variants. He quotes literature which is selective in how he quotes it. There is a paper that came out literally yesterday in “Lancet” that showed that yes, there was considerable protection against reinfection in general. But in people who are elderly, 65 years of age or older, they were very vulnerable to reinfection. And that’s the reason why. So I’m afraid, if people hear what he says, and believe it, and you have an elderly person who has been infected, and they decide, well, Rand Paul says let’s not wear a mask, they could get reinfected again and get into trouble. So that’s the thing that bothers me about that type of an interchange.”

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