Kristol: I Think Trump ‘Will Go Away’

‘I think that Trump will go away’

[rush transcript] 
RADDATZ: OK, Bill, we — we also saw Scott Walker officially jump into the race this week. He’s still doing well in the polls, both in Iowa and nationally.

What’s his vulnerability?


RADDATZ: Maybe nothing?

KRISTOL: Yes, I think he’s a strong candidate, a Midwestern governor who governed successfully, won three times in four years in a — in a state that President Obama carried twice in that same period. And I think that Trump will go away. I don’t buy the argument that there is a huge number of un — Jennifer wants to make it seem like this huge chunk of the Republican Party is...


KRISTOL: — vitriolic.

GRANHOLM: I just think that there is...

KRISTOL: It was the Democrats yesterday...

GRANHOLM: — there is a number...

KRISTOL: — who hooted at a huge left-wing convention, who hooted Bernie Sanders and O’Malley, Governor O’Malley, off the stage for not being left-wing enough. Governor O’Malley said black lives matter, white lives matter, all lives matter. Unacceptable in the Democratic Party.

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