Irish Prime Minister: President Biden Personifies American Commitment to Peace in Ireland

‘In many ways President Biden personifies that American commitment to and interest in Ireland and above all interest in peace in Ireland’


MARTIN: “And in terms of the broader evolution of the Good Friday Agreement, I have developed an initiative called the Shared Island Initiative, which is really about we working on all traditions on the island of Ireland, working out how we share the island of Ireland into the future irrespective of one’s constitutional preferences, and we all have those. But we need to build reconciliation, true reconciliation between traditions and people, to work on that, to develop on a significant number of north/south projects and to build that understanding, build on the genius of the Good Friday Agreement. Remember, the Good Friday Agreement would not have happened without the interest and support of successive American administrations. And in many ways, President Biden personifies that American commitment to and interest in Ireland and, above all, interest in peace in Ireland. That’s the approach that we are taking. And Brexit has changed the dynamics somewhat, but it’s incumbent on all of us to work to ensure that we can develop that reconciliation and understanding I spoke about earlier, and also making sure that there’s a constructive relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union going into the future.”

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