CNN’s Panel Fact Checks Dem Gov. Newsom on Recall: ‘More Broad Based Effort’ than He Claims

‘They know that there’s significant risk here’


RESTON: "He is, John, and it’s such a shift in strategy from what we’ve seen over the last couple of months. Obviously, when the recall effort got going last year, he completely ignored it and then when it picked up steam, particularly over the holidays when he had put in a second set of stay-at-home orders that angered a lot of people, he would sort of answer questions about the recall by brushing them off and defending his leadership during the pandemic, but now, this is a media blitz like nothing that we have seen over the last two days. And what it tells you is that the recall most likely will qualify and that they know that there’s significant risk here. California is one of those states where it’s very easy to get a recall on the ballot. It’s a lot harder to actually recall a governor, particularly because of — the Democrats vastly outnumber Republicans here, but this is a more broad-based effort than those ads are making it out to be, and they know that they really have to tell their side of the story and try to define the narrative at this pivotal moment here, John."

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