Greg Gutfeld: ‘The Migrants Were Fed a Bait-and-Switch from Joe Biden’

‘They came here because there was a signal to come here from this new administration’


GUTFELD: "I feel bad because I feel like the migrants were fed a bait-and-switch from Joe Biden. Joe Biden waited for it, come on over. It’s like one of those — it's like he unintentionally pulled one of those pranks where you get people with outstanding warrants to show up at a place because you told them they won a boat. And then they show up and they get arrested. That's what happening. They didn’t come here just out of the blue. They came here because there was a signal to come here from this new administration. And who also is there is FEMA. Now, FEMA doesn’t respond to disputes or controversies or they don’t actually come to address political issues. They come to address emergencies. The Dems can pretend this is the Ice Bucket Challenge, but with holding containers, but when you have FEMA there, that kind of goes against that narrative.” 

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