Sen. Johnson: Border Surge Becoming ‘Disaster’ of Biden’s Own Making

‘It is a disaster created by the Biden’s administration’s open border policy’


JOHNSON: "Good morning, Harris. Because Biden administration is committed to open borders and catch and release. Remember, it was DHS secretary Jeh Johnson under the Obama Administration who said a really bad day for him was over a thousand illegal immigrants being apprehended at the border. We’re over 4,000 a day. That is a caravan a day, and we’re not properly testing people for Covid. We're just releasing them. It's catch and release. This is — it was a humanitarian crisis back in 2014, according to President Obama. What would you call this? So no, this is a disaster. But this is a disaster created by the Biden administration’s open border policy, the fact that they stopped building the wall that was working. All these policies, the migrant protection program, the agreements we have with Central America. These things worked, we brought down illegal immigration dramatically and it’s heading right back to that same level, the crisis level in May and March of 2019."

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