RNC Chair: Biden Is More Concerned About Opening Our Borders than About Opening Our Schools

‘These are tough questions he hasn’t taken’

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McDANIEL: "I mean, I will tell you, as a mother with kids in virtual school, with 2.4 million women who have lost their jobs, Joe Biden, why are you more concerned about opening our borders than you are about opening our schools and getting our kids back being educated? Why are you more beholden to the unions? These are tough questions he has not taken. He didn’t take them on the campaign trail. Remember, he was in the basement the whole time and now he's doing the same thing in the White House. Even when Democrats were on a conference call with him and he said, 'How about I take your questions,' they cut down the feed. What is going on here? It is time for the media to treat Joe Biden like they would Donald Trump, because this would have been unacceptable with a Republican president. We deserve to hear from this president, to hear why he is enacting these policies, why he is killing energy independence, why he isn't getting our kids in school, and he needs to talk to the American people. We deserve that."

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