Barnicle: If Trump Received Vaccine on TV in January, What Difference Would that Have Made in Fighting the Virus?

‘What difference would that have made in the way we are fighting the virus?’


BARNICLE: "And yet we seem unwilling to accept it as good news. We no longer know what good news is, I think, because of the cloud, the blanket of negativism that has been cast of this country's politics for far too long. But you can’t help wondering what would have happened had the former president of the United States, who secretly received the vaccine in early January, had he received the vaccine in public on television as an event, got the vaccine shot, and urged just quickly in one sentence, 'You should get the vaccine too wherever you are out there,'0 thinking about Americans. 'Get the vaccine shot. I just got mine.' What difference would that have made in the way we are fighting the virus? I think it would have made an enormous difference, but we blew it."

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