Instead of Iran Questions, Andrea Mitchell Asks Kerry About Vietnam

Mitchell: ‘You talked about being a 22-year old going to Vietnam … can you speak to that, to what that moment meant to you?’

Iran Deal: Andrea Mitchell's Mushy Softball to Kerry About Vietnam (NewsBusters)

Andrea Mitchell had the chance to ask John Kerry, on live national TV, any question she wanted about the Iran deal. She could, for example, have confronted him over the lifting of the conventional arms and ballistic missile embargoes that were included as a nice little parting gift to Iran.

Instead, on today's Morning Joe, Mitchell lobbed up the mushiest of softballs, asking Kerry "what that moment meant to you" when at the final negotiation meeting, he reminisced about going to Vietnam as a 22-year old "and that you never wanted to go to war without having exhausted the diplomacy."  A shame Andrea and John weren't in the same room so they could have exchanged a heartfelt hug.

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