Krauthammer: Obama Has Spent the Last 6 1/2 Years Downplaying the Threat of Radical Islam

‘The threat is radical Islam which he won’t say; and, look, the war is going to be generational’

KRAUTHAMMER: “When you say lone gun man, what you’re doing subtly or unsubtly is disconnecting the dots. We when we had the underwear bomber try to bring down a plane over Detroit, Obama immediately said that this was an isolated extremist. It wasn’t, in fact. It turned out to be connected to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

So I think the whole 6-1/2 years of Obama always wanting to err on the side of downplaying the threat. The threat is radical Islam which he won’t say. And, look, the war is going to be generational. I think the ISIS part where it’s heightened, concentrated and directed and more Focused is something that we can do something about, but that would require destroying them in their homeland.”

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