Larry Kudlow: What Happens When There’s No More Stimulus Packages?

‘What happens when the music stops?’


KUDLOW: "Yeah, uncertainty. That is a very lovely way to put it, very low-key way to put it. I can think of even greater adjectives, Only a small percentage of this stuff, 10% will have any impact on Covid. But I want to ask you this. I mean, you talked about a bridge to the other side. We’ve been bridging to the other side for a year, to the tune of about $6 trillion in assistance, $1 trillion of it hasn't even been spent, now we want to do another $2 trillion — call it $2 trillion. Tyler, how many $2 trillion packages we get each year? How long does this last? And/or — let me ask you — what happens when the music stops? What happens when there is no more stimulus packages?"

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