Kamala Harris Urges Public To Get Vaccinated: ‘This Vaccine Is Safe!’

‘It will save your life’


HARRIS: “So Thursday I’m going to visit a pharmacy, which is one of the hundreds that we are directly getting vaccinations to — getting vaccines to so folks can get vaccinated in their community. We have actually distributed 2 million vaccines to local pharmacies and communities. We're also getting at least a million vaccines to community health centers, those trusted places in the community where folks go for their health care. And the point, rev, is this. I got vaccinated. I can tell you, first of all, that these vaccines are safe. It will save your life. There is a black woman, Dr. Kizzy Corbett, who was part of the team of scientists who created this vaccine. It will save your life. Yes, we must speak truth about the history of medical testing in this country. We must be honest about the fact that people have a righteous skepticism about how it has been used, how it has been tested, and on whom it will be used. There’s a righteous skepticism if you know history. But I promise you and I am telling you, this vaccine is safe and it will save your life and the lives of your family and your community. And we have it within our power to actually do that. So get your vaccination when it is your turn. It will save your life.”

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