House Dem Explodes on Jim Jordan in Committee Hearing: ‘I Didn’t Vote to Overturn an Election!’

‘Am I making this up as Mr. Jordan apparently would have you believe’


CONNOLLY: “Thank you, But the point is, it was Donald Trump, the Republican nominee who was planting the idea, aided and abetted by disruptive changes proposed by a new Postmaster General, and a compliant Board of Governors, that actually eroded public confidence in the ability to vote by mail. That wasn’t a Democratic narrative, that was a Republican narrative by the President of the United States and his enablers. And oh and by the way, inconvenient fact, Mr. Hice would have you believe that it was partisans on this committee, and he quoted a number of Democrats — by the way, admitted Democrats, for the record, I’m an admitted Democrat and damn proud of it — I didn’t vote to overturn an election, and I will not be lectured by people who did about partisanship. But facts are stubborn things. It wasn’t — the idea that it was complete fiction that the changes proposed by, in fact, implemented by Mr. DeJoy with a compliant board led by now Chairman, Mr. Bloom, who has admitted he went along with him, it was a federal judge who found it politically motivated, not a Democratic critic.”

(Via Mediaite)

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