Dagen McDowell: Unless We Stand up to China on COVID Cover-Up, ‘We’re Doomed to Repeat It’

‘The World Health Organization is helping China cover up on this’


McDOWELL: "A member of the Biden administration said that they were concerned about the World Health Organization’s investigation, but that is weak and it hurts the United States if our leader, our president can’t stand up to China and literally lock arms with the rest of the world. China was the only major economy that grew last year because it unleashed this deadly virus on the rest of the globe. 2.5 million people dead, more than half a million dead here in the United States. The issue is with that World Health Organization team that Beijing got — impeded that investigation. And in fact, one member of the team, the investigators — there was — no raw evidence was available for the team to see. The investigators, they turned around and are ignoring the theory that this virus came out of the Wuhan virology lab, but they are going to investigate the possibility that it was imported in frozen fish or frozen food. That’s where we stand as a globe. The World Health Organization is helping China cover up on this. By the way, I just want to add, in President Biden’s call with Xi Jinping, in the read-out, here’s what it says about the Coronavirus. 'The two leaders exchanged views on countering the COVID-19 pandemic and the shared challenges of global health security, climate change and preventing weapons proliferation.' That is weak and feckless. And until we take a tough stand on what China did to the rest of the world, we are — they are doomed to repeat it in an even bigger way."

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