Fauci: We Can’t Get Complacent Because If We Do, We Could See a Surge

‘We have got to as quickly as efficiently as possible get as many people vaccinated’


FAUCI: “The one that is not dominant in the United States, and that’s the South African isolate, the vaccine does not do as well at preventing mild to moderate disease, but from extrapolations that you can make both from in vitro as well as from what other vaccines have done, it likely can protect against serious illness leading to hospitalizations and death. So what we’ve got to do, and I said it so many times I’ll say it again today, Alisyn, we have got to as quickly and as efficiently as possible get as many people vaccinated as we can at the same time that we continue with our public health measures. Because when people look at that curve, every day in the newspaper it’s very steeply going down, which is terrific news, the infections per day are going down, we can’t pull back on that and get complacent. Because if we do, we could see a surge.” 

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