Colbert Calls Dr. Fauci ‘The Grinch’ After Contradicting Biden’s Goal of Herd Immunity By Christmas

‘We’ll be back to normal by April— Christmas a year and a half from now’


COLBERT: “All right, fine. Next Christmas. Whatever. At least at this year’s family meals, we won’t be saying, “Uncle Phil, you’re on mute!” We’ll be saying, “I wish we could put uncle Phil on mute.” Anyway, it’s the perfect Christmas gift... For the grinch to steal. Because Dr. Fauci says it’s possible we’ll still be wearing masks in 2022. Great! We’ll be back to normal by April— Christmas a year and a half from now. One of those! Any one of those! Let me put it this way — if this were climbing mount Everest, we’d either be about to summit, set up base camp, or thinking about buying a clif bar at CVS.”

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