Fox News: Bi-Partisan Revolt Against Cuomo Places Focus on Stripping Emergency Powers, Censure

‘A new week brings more pressure on New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’


LLENAS (voice-over): "Democrats continue to publicly revolt against Cuomo over his administration’s handling of Covid-19 in New York's nursing homes. Today Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear he is not buying Cuomo's claim there is nothing to investigate..."
DE BLASIO: "No, I do not accept his explanation. There needs to be a full investigation. Thousands of lives were lost. Families deserve answers."
LLENAS (voice-over): "...while more than a dozen members of New York state’s Democratic committee signed on to a resolution to formally censure Cuomo for conduct unbecoming of his office, covering up the number of deaths from Covid-19, and for his threatening behavior towards lawmakers. Meanwhile, speaking out for the first time, John Daukas, the former acting U.S. assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division, said the Cuomo administration withheld nursing home death toll data from him and the Trump Administration's DoJ, underreporting deaths by a third."

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