Kevin McCarthy: ‘The Swamp Is Back,’ Only Nine Percent of the Covid Relief Bill Is About Covid

‘Everything that you have warned your viewers about before the election is coming true in this bill’


McCARTHY: "Remember, we are only five seats away from winning the majority. It is the slimmest majority the Democrats have had since the 1870s. This bill is too expensive and too expansive. You've listed a lot of things in there. And think about this. This is supposed to be a Covid bill. Only 9% of it goes to Covid. What they are doing is telling you the swamp is back. Everything you have warned your viewers about before the election is coming true in this bill. The more we bring it out — Republicans have better ideas. Our focus is to put Americans back to work, back to school, and back to health. They are putting money in here, but schools are still shut down. Biden has a plan to open the border but not open our schools? This is where the ideas should win at the end of the day. And I don't think you'll see Republicans, one, joining with this because they've never worked with us as being a part of it. But every bill we had in the past was bipartisan. There is still $1 trillion from hardworking taxpayers sitting there already appropriated that could go out to the American public, to the schools, to every place that you see that needs the help with Covid. And they are passing another bill on top of that, but it is not going for Covid."

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