Claire McCaskill: The Highest Ranking Republican in the Country Asked Merrick Garland To Investigate Trump

‘You get the facts, you apply the law and you go forward’


MCCASKILL: “Well, there’s a lot of muscle memory there. I mean, the ethos of a prosecutor is you don’t try your cases for political reasons, you don’t charge cases for political reasons, you don’t avoid charging cases for political reasons. You keep your head down. You do the investigation. You get the facts, you apply the law and you go forward. And sometimes that means no case. Sometimes it means a case. I think Merrick Garland is going to just reassure them they can all just go back to work and not look over their shoulder. I do think it’s interesting Cornyn and Cruz spent a lot of time today worrying about the politicalization of doj and somebody even asked questions about whether or not there would be prosecutions of Trump and his family or Hunter Biden and his family. I would remind everyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee that the highest ranking Republican in the country asked for Trump to be investigated. So I don’t think anyone should say —”

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