Pompeo: ‘Unamerican’ for John Kerry to Undermine Trump’s Iran Policy, We Knew They Were Talking to Iran

‘It’s not the right thing to do’


POMPEO: “Yeah, I remember that trip and I remember seeing secretary Kerry going on there. We knew it was going on before that. It’s un-American, very troubling. It’s not the right thing to do. They lost an election and should have gotten off the stage. They tried to undermine what the American people has put for ward. A policy that kept American safe. In the end, the good news is our policy was a successful policy. We built out a strong coalition to crush the regime in Iran. We built out a set of policies that signed the Abraham accords. Our policies work. It’s sad that secretary Kerry is so unable to get off the stage at any point that he had to try to undermine was President Trump and our team tried to do.”

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