Greg Gutfeld: Gov. Cuomo Was Exposed When It Was No Longer Politically Feasible To Blame Trump for Covid Deaths

‘History will not be kind to him or his brother’


GUTFELD: “I’m glad you are, and listen to Juan do another lap on that canard of it’s not the cover-up of total deaths. We have been talking about that forever, and slipcover about the attribution. So now we are six months into this and the tide is turning nuc “Saturday night live” jumping in because they smell blood and it’s now Democrat approved, where were these brave wits and columnist when it mattered? When it was happening? Think about “The five” six or seven months ago when we were talking about the hospital ship that we saw every day on the west side empty, no one cared about that because you couldn’t say, you cannot link that to the phrase Trump has blood on his hands. If you could not say it after that, then you would not mention it all at all. So is purely political to let Cuomo get away with this until it is no longer politically feasible. So now when you look at this period, history will not be kind to him or his brother or everybody else who felt the only kind of — I spit. The only criticism could be that he thought Trump. I’m so angry.”

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