Juan Williams: Gov. Cuomo only Covered Nursing Home Deaths But Not the Grand Total, That’s Not a Crime

‘The problem as it is not clear what crime was committed’


WILLIAMS: “Yes, I think it will be fully investigated, Jesse. The problem as it is not clear what crime was committed, those crimes that were listed by that former I guess he was the D.A. Or former assistant, I’m not sure, but it’s not clear that he broke any of those laws, what is clear is that he covered up the number of deaths at nursing homes but not the number of total deaths. And to me if you are prosecutor you would say, what was your intent in terms of what you are doing and he would say my intent was about policy pursuing good intentions for the people in my state clearly he was wrong. But that’s not a crime. People saying I think this thing being over by Easter would be a crime, it’s not a crime. Right now we have two governors in this country in big trouble. One is Cuomo because I think that he will be investigated on this, but the other is Greg Abbott who is trying to struggle with what is going on in Texas with people who have been freezing, people who don’t have drinking water and right now if you look at the numbers, I think that I would rather be Cuomo than Abbott, because people will hold a bitter pill for a governor who did not perform in the middle of crisis.”

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