Fox News: Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen to Begin Federal Prison Sentence

‘A 3-year sentence for campaign finance violations, for tax evasion, for bank fraud, and for lying to Congress’


LEE MILLER: "As you mentioned, in the next few hours he's going to be on his way to the federal correctional facility Otisville. It is there that he will spend the next three years. There is a minimum and there is also a medium security prison at this location. He's going to be at the minimum facility, Bill. We are told that there are five bed checks every day. Breakfast starts at 6 in the morning, dinner is at 4:15. When it comes to recreation, the facility has weights, cardio, bocce ball, but according to the prison handbook, there is no running or walking after sundown. There are a number of other high-profile inmates at this location, among them, we are told, the reality star in from the TV show Jersey Shore, Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, and Billy McFarland, the founder of the Fyre music festival. So at this hour Michael Cohen enjoying his last brief few moments of freedom. He has to check into the prison no later, Bill, than 2:00 East Coast time. That means he can leave his apartment house here no later than 12 PM or else he's going to have a problem with prison officials. That gives him about two hours remaining in his New York City apartment."

(via Fox News)

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