Jesse Watters Questions American Rescue Plan: ‘They Have PPP Loans in Here for Sex Offenders’

‘So you rape a child, here’s a loan, take it’


WATTERS: "Who are they rescuing, Dana? They have PPP loans for country clubs in here, like the squash courts and the putting greens were in such disrepair they needed an immediate injection of money? They have PPP loans in here for fraternities and sororities, Dana. Like, do you really think they are struggling right now? They have PPP loans in here for sex offenders. So you rape a child, here, here's a loan. Take it. They honestly have $100 million to build an underground train from San Francisco to Facebook’s headquarters. Isn’t everybody working remotely? Where are we taking a train to? Chuck Schumer has 1.5 for a train to nowhere — no offense, Canada. They have stimulus checks for illegals, health care for illegals, taxpayer-funded for abortion, Planned Parenthood, it’s all in there. Money for schools that won't open and money for teachers unions that refuse to teach. $350 billion to bail out states that shut down unscientifically.”

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