McCaskill: A $15 Minimum Wage Will Be Part of the Biden ‘Boom’

‘That will lift all boats, so to speak’


MCCASKILL: “And so our economy succeeds when people, one, feel confident about what’s going on around them and, two, spend money. And I think we’re on our way to both of those. But it also underscores how important increasing the minimum wage is. I know they're going to argue back and forth, I don’t know how quickly they'll end up passing it, and how quickly it will get to $15, but it's no question that that is also a big part of what will be a boom. Because that will lift all boats, so to speak. If we can raise the wages of those who are — sometimes have to turn to government help, even if they work 40 hours a week, that’s a big deal in this country. And I think that Joe Biden has a really strong case right now. It will be very politically difficult for these Republicans to stand in the way of this relief package.”

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