Dem Rep. Kildee: Covid Bill ‘Is Bipartisan in the Sense that Republicans Across the Country Are Supportive of It’

‘It’s obviously better if we can get Democrats and Republicans on the same page’


KILDEE: “Well, I think -- you know, we have to really think about what that means. It’s bipartisan in the sense that Republicans across the country are supportive of it. So I -- I understand the point that the governor is making. It’s obviously better if we can get Democrats and Republicans on the same page, but I think the challenge that we face right now is that in order to get Republican leadership support, which is really the question here, we have to accept a bill that is not enough to solve the problem the way we see it. So if we’re going to adhere to any principle, the principle of bipartisanship is important, but more important is the principle that we ought to scale the response to the size of the problem. Republicans across the country support that. It’s just that Republicans in the leadership in the house and Senate have become so partisan that, even though their constituents want us to do this, they’re not willing to sign on yet. But let’s see what happens when the vote is called. Let’s see if some Republicans do join us. I still leave open that possibility.”

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