Ron Dermer Blasts Deal: It ‘Paves a Path for Iran’ to Have a Nuke in 10 Years

‘In ten years the major constraint which is around the centrifuges is removed’

COOPER: “Ambassador Dermer, President Obama said today that this is a good deal which he says and I quote, ‘would cut off every pathway that Iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon.’ What's your reaction to that?”

DERMER: “Yeah, it doesn't cut off the pathways for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. It actually paves a path for Iran to have a nuclear weapon after about a decade. There are many promised with this steel. The first one is it leads a vast nuclear infrastructure in place. You know, we were told a couple of years ago that the deal that we're going to get is one that's going to dismantle the Iran's nuclear program and then they would dismantle the sanctions regime. What's happening here I understand is they're dismantling the sanctions regime and leaving Iran with a pretty big nuclear program. The second problem, Anderson, is that this is a temporary deal. The constraints that Iran is agreeing to are temporary. The major constraints to remove –“
COOPER: “There's a 10-year expiration you mean?”
DERMER: “Yeah. In 10 years, the major constrain which is around the centrifuge is removed. Now the president himself said a couple months ago ‘You know, the big fear is what happens in year 13 and 14 when the breakout time goes down to zero.’ That's exactly right. The problem is you're putting temporary constraints today on Iran getting a nuclear weapon in the next decade but you're freeing them to get nuclear weapons in the future that's why we say it doesn't block Iran's path to the bomb, it paves it. And just one last thing, Anderson, which is the main problem, there is no linkage in this deal between Iran's behavior and the removal of the constraints on their nuclear program. There's no linkage. Four days ago, the President of Iran was in a rally where people were burning American and Israeli flags chanting death to America and death to Israel. That wasn't 40 years ago, it wasn't four years ago, it was four days ago. So Iran has no incentive to change and you've just made a terrorist regime much richer today and you're going to allow them after a decade to have a huge enrichment infrastructure to make many nuclear bombs. This is a disaster.”

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