Schumer: Despite Acquittal, ‘There Is No Question Donald Trump Has Disqualified Himself’

‘I hope, I pray and I believe that the American people will make sure of that’

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SCHUMER: “So, let me say this. Despite the results of the vote on Donald Trump’s conviction in the court of impeachment, he deserves to be convicted. And I believe he will be convicted in the court of public opinion. He deserves to be permanently discredited, and I believe he has been discredited in the eyes of the American people and in the judgment of history. Even though Republican senators prevented the Senate from disqualifying Donald Trump from any office of honor, trust or profit under these United States, there is no question Donald Trump has disqualified himself. I hope, I pray and I believe that the American people will make sure of that. And if Donald Trump ever stands for public office again, and after everything we have seen this week, I hope, I pray and I believe that he will meet the unambiguous rejection by the American people.”

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