CNN Omits Cuomo Covid Cover-Up Amidst W.H. Visit

‘That is where President Biden is turning his attention today, to the coronavirus pandemic’

Standing in front of one of First Lady Jill Biden's giant heart-shaped Valentine's Day decorations that simply said "kindness," CNN White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond reported on Friday that President Biden would meet with a bipartisan group of governors and mayors to discuss COVID relief. Among those present would be New York's Andrew Cuomo, but Diamond kindly omitted Thursday's revelations regarding his fellow CNN colleague's brother. 

After informing viewers about the decorations behind him and updates from Capitol Hill, Diamond reported, "Today President Biden turning to helping drum up public pressure and stress the urgency of the need for this relief. Meeting this afternoon -- not this afternoon, in about a couple hours with a bipartisan group, nine governors and mayors. Governors including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson to show you the bipartisan range that will be happening here." 

Diamond continued talking about Biden's plan, "And he's expected to talk about the need. And some of these governors and mayors are also expected to talk about the need that they feel for this $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Yesterday we heard the president announce that he has secured additional 200 million additional vaccine doses that he expects to be delivered to the federal government by the end of July."

(h/t NewsBusters)

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